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Master Blend


70 CL / 42% ABV
£ 55.00 
Limited to 220 bottles per batch


Batch 02 - May 2024

still type



Molasses and Sugar Cane Juice


Blend of 5 - 8 year old

Allow us to introduce Primis, derived from the Latin term for "first," embodying its significance as the inaugural treasure within our esteemed Master Blends compilation. Primis is a harmonious blend of rums meticulously sourced from the most distinguished distilleries across the Caribbean and Central America. Each of these rums has been carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and exquisite flavour profile, resulting in the creation of an extraordinary bottle of rum. Crafted with utmost care, only 220 bottles were produced in the first batch. This exceptional rum boasts a delightful and versatile sweet flavour profile. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks with a single ice cube, or blended into a refreshing concoction, Primis promises a memorable taste experience.

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tasting notes

The first sip reveals a velvety-smooth and full-bodied rum, a sweet flavour profile develops, delivering notes of caramelized sugar, honey, and treacle. The oak influence then becomes more pronounced, providing a gentle spiciness. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering sweetness that invites you to take another sip. The mouthfeel remains smooth and luxurious until the very end.





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